Mega Millions is looking for a $1,000,000 Winner in Brooklyn

Mega Millions is looking for a $1,000,000 Winner in Brooklyn

The Mega Millions is glad to reveal that a player has won a $1,000,000 prize money participating in one of their latest draws.

The Search Continues

However, the officials have a bad news that they player still has not made an appearance to claim his prize money. Therefore, the lottery officials are still looking for the winner and hope to find him soon.

The data has confirmed that the player is not an online lottery player but has purchased the prize winning ticket from Brooklyn.

Therefore, the search is on in Brooklyn to find the player and hand the prize money over to him.

Details for the Draw and the Result

As communicated by the Mega Millions lottery executives, the player had participated in the October 18 draw.

The jackpot prize money set for the October 18 draw was $20 million in annuity and $10 million in cash prize. The reason behind the low jackpot prize money is because two players won the jackpot in the recent Mega Millions draw.

Therefore, the jackpot prize money has been reset and it is now at a low of $20 million.

The winning numbers that the players had to match to win the jackpot prize in the October 18 draw were 67-44-20-15-1 and the megaball number was 23.

The multiplier for the particular draw commonly known as the ‘Megaplier’ for the Mega Millions draw was 3X.

While there were no jackpot prize winners produced in the draw, there were just two players who won the second top prize money.

Out of the two, one player was able to take home the second top prize with 3X megaplier, making it a $3 million prize money.

The second one was the $1 million prize that the Brooklyn player has won matching the five primary numbers from the draw.

Store That Sold the Ticket

It has been over ten days since the search is on for the player. It is expected that the player would be making his appearance soon.

So far, the lottery officials know that the player had purchased his ticket from 3 Bros Deli & Grocery NY. The particular store is located at 6409 Bay Parkway, Brooklyn.

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